Smells like David Bowie


I will try to recall that terrible moment I collapsed into pieces.

I was having a cup of coffee with my friend Anna Rosenkraz. I did not see her for a while so we were having a nice chat, as we say, we were catching up, although the ketch up was finished. Suddenly on the radio one of my favorite Nirvana songs: “The Man Who Sold The World”. I could not contain my happiness. The adrenaline kicked off, my face turned into a big smile and everything was beautiful. Huge sunflowers everywhere, the sun was shining and all the birds were singing alleluia. I then jumped on my unicorn and off we went up in the sky, flying through the clouds and over the rainbow. We were happy. Nirvana was on.

Suddenly though the whole magical scenario collapsed. The lyrics started and were strange. Nirvana did not sound quite like Nirvana. A terrible doubt started to grow on me. Nevertheless, I tried to ignore this moment of uncertainty. Maybe I was tired, some hearing problems possibly. So I decided to continue the ride with my unicorn and enjoy that Nirvana song. But I couldn’t enjoy the song, that terrible doubt did not go, it was there like a  thorn prick on my neck and it grew bigger and bigger until it became a real fact. Nirvana was not Nirvana. I could not believe it. What was that voice then?

“Bowie, David Bowie”. Anna Rosenkraz replied.

So that song, all I ever believed in,  was just a cover. Nothing but a bloody cover.

Suddenly I fell from the sky smashing into pieces like I was made of glass.

Nothing was ever the same after that.



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