Italy follows the trend


In this week comic strips you have a new entry. It is my T-Rex friend Joseph, he is very wise. He tried to give me some emotional support after Italy defeat. He made me think. It seems like nowadays LEAVING is the new trend. Everyday you turn the TV and you hear about someone leaving, a politician, a country, a football team. It is now cool to leave, even more popular than salsa. So write your speech, remember to insert a nice punch line justifying your decision, pack your things and leave, doesn’t matter where you go next, just leave. I recommend Argentina, very nice, and you could learn some tango there.

So Italy followed the trend. Italy is out, but this is not the consequence of a referendum but the consequence of bad luck. C’mon, this penalties thing is not fair. After 90 minutes of hard work plus additional 30 minutes of extra sweat still the game is not over. We are left in the hands of these terrible penalties. We are devastated, our team must score and if it doesn’t we get really angry. I mean really really angry and you’d rather be anything but not that guy who missed the penalty. The worst crime ever. Is this really fair on the footballers? I’d like you to think twice on this, let’s breath deeply and understand their sides as well. Imagine if YOU had to take that penalty, that last action the whole world depends on. How would you feel?

So you are the chosen one to shoot the dreaded penalty. The tension is super high. Your name is called out loud . You stand up, proud and tall, sweating already. You want to show confidence, you know millions of people are watching you, millions of people are trusting you, no pressure. So you  try to make a smile, the best way to hide your emotions. It is a terminator 2 kind of smile, not the best but at least it is a smile. So you get ready for the kick, you concentrate, you make a little quick prayer, you know you can make it, you know you are cool, 3, 2, 1 kick! Did it go through? No, you missed it, big times. So embarrassing, everybody hates you. So where did it go wrong? Let’s rewind it. You were concentrating, you were serious, everything seemed ok apart  from one thing. The moment your foot touched the ball. That second is crucial, you lose concentration, you lose control of the ball. Where was your mind in that precise second? Mmmh, I see. This is the exact moment you thought you need to cut your hair. That’s it, you lost your concentration for a second and the ball went completely out. This is how fragile and volatile a penalty could be. So let’s be less judgemental. In the end these footballers who miss penalties are still humans and even Zaza penalty might have a reason behind. Maybe he was just having a salsa moment, why not? I have heard it is becoming very popular.

See you next week

Love and pees