Appetite for Destruction

You do feel a strong appetite for destruction sometimes. Here’s an example: people wearing a Guns and Roses t-shirt without even knowing who Guns and Roses are. This is ridiculous and almost impossible but it is true, I’ve seen this, sadly I did. At first you are excited, you see them showing off the t-shirt, you feel you are connected to them, you smile at them, you start singing Welcome to the Jungle hoping to get a smile back of acknowledgment and rock alliance but instead you get nothing. Why? because they don’t have a clue about Guns n Roses, they only wear it because the Master of Trends told them to do so, and the puppets obey. So to recap, the society now believes that the t-shirt is just a logo with two guns and some happy roses around, forget about the actual massive band, the history of rock, the huge impact Appetite for Destruction album had in our life. Everything has gone and all we get is a t-shirt with a “nice” logo. I have not finished yet. All this rubbish can also be applied to Led Zeppelin, Ramones,  AC-DC and possibly Black Sabbath, it is a rock virus. Pay particular attention to the Led Zeppelin case. You expect people wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt to know at least  Whole lotta love, for rock sake and for England. So you start singing the legendary guitar riff looking for a desperate connection, anything would make you happy, a little smile, a little nod, a little something. Sadly you get nothing,  just a manikin expression which is suddenly enlightened with: “mmm….heard it before, was it on top of the pops?”

Sadly yours