Happy holidays!!

So finally I am going on holidays!! yes! I’ve got everything ready, almost. I still have to do the check in online and throw a few pieces of clothing in my luggage. I must not forget my Batman shorts I bought especially for my holidays although Batman is not really my favorite superhero. My favorite superhero is Wonder Woman because she is a woman and she is a wonder woman. I’ve recently seen a program  about superheros, they interviewed people to find out the most appreciated superhero. These were the shocking results:

  1. Batman
  2. Superman
  3. Iron Man
  4. Spider Man
  5. Wonder Woman

I can’t believe they put Wonder Woman last. Superheros are a big topic. What’s your favorite superhero? Pay attention to your answer. Think about it, take it as as a Holidays homework, you will have plenty of time as I come back in three weeks, on Monday 22nd August (write it down on your calendar). I am off to a beautiful deserted island. I will take  pictures of strange insects,read lots of comics, eat lots of water melon and relax in the beach while watching the stillness of the sea. Everything sounds perfect unless a sudden shark attack destroys the whole scene. I never got over Jaws the movie. Brilliant. Have you ever seen Jaws 4? or better, did you know there is actually a Jaws 4?  It is so funny because it is so bad. The shark wants revenge against the people who killed the previous sharks (in the previous movies) so funny. What shark wouldn’t want to revenge his fellow friends sharks?

So, whatever you do, enjoy you holidays, and watch out for sharks seeking revenge (if you have never killed a shark you should be OK anyway, the shark will know).

See you in three weeks (write it down on you calendar)

PS – Do not complain about the lack of comics during this time because I’m telling you that I’m going on holiday.