To Chris, loud love

I fell on a black day today. My heart is hurting. I am speechless. I am sad.

To Chris, love to you, loud love.



Tarantino Effect


I’m back!! yes, after listening to Sol Invictous for so long I fell in a no-responsive state of God knows what for few weeks. A big thank you to all my friends for bringing me back. This week topic, Tarantino. I actually saw the Hateful Eight last year when it came out but at that time I did not have the blog. So I had to bring the topic back this year. I love Tarantino. I am currently reading Kill Bill script. I’ve got it in my bag and I read it every time I find a free moment, waiting for the train, in the train, waiting for the pizza.  While I read it I visualize the movie and I feel like I am the Bride, so cool.

So The Hateful Eight. I loved it because I hated it. Brilliant. Only Tarantino can do this.

Thank you Quentin, I will be forever your humble disciple.

Good to be back



The Biggest News of Last Year

So, I’m moving from one god, Tool, to another one, Faith No More. This is a very sensitive subject for me, I don’t know if I will have enough strength to complete this article without falling into tears. So Faith No more have finally released the very long awaited album, Sol Invictous.  We had to wait 18 years for this. We should now have one minute of silence to fully understand the hugeness of this event. 18 years, I repeat, 18 years. This is even worse than Tool new album. Just realized that, since history repeats itself, we could perhaps assume that also Tool will release their new album after 18 years. So from 2006 album 10,000 days we add 18 years equals 2024, so still 8 years to wait. I like my calculations, they really do make sense.

So back to Faith No More. I know Sol Invictous is not really breaking news,  I did do the comic strips last year when it actually came out and it was then the news of the year  but at that time I did not have the blog. So I thought to post it anyway with retro-effect. I can’t live without underlining the hugeness of this event and write a proper article about it. We have all loved Sol Invictous, and we will always love Faith No More for ever and ever. Doesn’t matter if we get old, if the music changes, new trends, new instruments, alien invasions or ice age. Faith No More will always be in our heart, they will never age. This is because they are in our blood, we grew up with them, they were our shelter. Everything could go wrong, it did not matter, we had Faith No More, we had Angel Dust. I need another one minute of silence because this moment is too dramatic.

Everybody tried to copy Faith No More but nobody ever managed to be as cool. Never. Just consequences of the main force. They are the precursors of everything, including the Big Bang.  No musicians should ever be respected if they cannot list all songs of Angel Dust in order of appearance. Once I went to Alice in Chains concert. I was wearing my Tool T-shirt. As you know, the T-shirt you wear is very important. I then saw a guy wearing an Angel Dust t-shirt. We stopped. We looked into each other eyes, very deeply and very seriously. We bowed down as a sign of reciprocal respect. We then gradually walked away from each other stepping backwards, without turning our back to each other. This was a sign of extremely deep respect.

Thank you Faith No more. I now need another one minute of silence.

Angel Dust be with us always and for ever. Amen.


Bowie Supremacy

Hello everybody.

This is the third and last part of Bowie trilogy. I have moved from ignoring Bowie existence to become his number one fan. Why not? a respectful character has to change otherwise there is no story. Guilner is not convinced about my Bowie new trend and he is bringing up my Sepultura CD against me. Not fair. Although I have a metal background I still have the right to listen to pop. And I think David Bowie is very nice. And I also like Sepultura Roots. This is because my mind is flexible. People that don’t appreciate things outside their box  are boring. And stuck.